Easy Ways To Increase Your Storage

One of the biggest things people look for in a home or are always trying to improve on is their storage space. We found a few ways to increase that storage space in little and big ways.

So if your one of those worried about where to put all those darn kids toys, or store those big blankets, never fear creative solutions are here!

Basket Case


One of the easiest ways we found to have good looking storage solutions is buckets and baskets. These can be placed almost anywhere and not look out of place, and in many cases help the look of a room.

However we found something that surprised us was using metal buckets as a storage saver. Layer on some bright contact paper and hang a bucket from a door hook for easy and convenient storage.

Pantry perfection


Make better use of space in your pantry and cupboards by getting rid of bulky packaging. Clear canisters let you see when you’re running low on staples; just make sure to keep the cooking instructions with the food.

Bedside bins


With lots of blankets and bulky sweaters it’s hard to find places for it all. A shelf on a bench at the foot of the bed holds blankets and other nighttime necessities. If you have an old dresser that you were thinking about getting rid of. Attach wheels to the bottom and use the drawers as under bed storage drawers.

Loft Bed Storage


141863456981955249_mdcagKsm_bWe found several loft beds with build in storage underneath making super cute kids rooms!

Magnetic Cups


Use old tins as small storage savers by attaching magnets and putting them on your fridge

Stair Storage


People have shown some creative ways to use the space under stairs for their storage needs. Why not turn the whole landing into a space to put a blanket? Or pull out shelves.

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