5 of the Best Ways to Increase The Value of Your Home

We all know different tricks that will help improve the look of a home but renos can get expensive, so we wanted to look at the 5 best ways to improve the look and value of your home while also giving you the biggest return on investment.

Kitchen upgrade: 75% to 100%
Return on Investment

imagesEveryone wants a kitchen Gordon Ramsey would be envious of, but that can be very expensive to make happen. However fixing up the kitchen to look better and be more practical is worth it when you are looking to sell. It doesn’t have to be a big job though. Painting your cupboards to give them a fresh look and maybe updating those old appliances might be all you need to light the spark in your kitchen.

Bathroom upgrade: 75% to 100%
Return on Investment


Upgrading your bathroom is similar to upgrading your kitchen. You can go full out and do a complete remodel or maybe take another, less expensive approach. Adding in towel bars, shelving, and tile work is a lot less work and less expensive than putting in a tropical rainforest bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms people spend the most time in, especially when you have guests, so ensuring these are update and looking great is a

Interior painting: 50% to 100%
Return on Investment


Painting, some people hate doing it. But when you look at getting a 50-100% return on the money you spend doing it…it starts to look more fun. A fresh coat of pain can revitalize almost any room and even some appliances. If selling a home it’s best to choose neutral colours as they would be more acceptable to anyone looking.

Roof replacement: 50% to 80%
 Return on Investment


I found recently an article that listed 10 things to look for in order to tell if you need to replace your roof. This was also very helpful in understanding the steps to take when you do need to replace some or all of your roof.


Replacement of furnace or heating system: 50% to 80% Return on Investment


There are 8 questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to go out and buy a new furnace.

1. How old is your current furnace?

2. Gas & Electric Bills Going Up?

3. Any Furnace Repairs in the last 2 years?

4. Does your thermostat keep you comfortable?

5. Is your burner flame yellow instead of blue?

6. Is your furnace making strange noises?

7. How have you & your family been feeling?

8. Is your house dry or dusty?

Answering yes might have you considering a new furnace, and why not with a return of almost 80%?


5 Ways to “Go Green” in Your Home

The big trend lately is going green and making environmentally conscious decisions day to day. But it seems green doesn’t just mean the environment but also all the money spent by “going green”. Well we found a couple ways to go green in your home that are inexpensive to do.

1. Lighting:

Lighting typically accounts for around 25% of a building’s energy usage, roughly 9 million tonnes of carbon a year in the UK alone. You can dramatically reduce this consumption,  and it’s as easy as changing a lightbulb.

LEDs fit seamlessly into your existing lighting system – they produce the same quality of light as your current lamps, but use up to 85% less energy. They also require approximately 90% less maintenance over their lifespans.

LED lights are expected to pay themselves off within a year with the saving accumulated off your energy bills. after that the savings are just money back into your pocket.

Home LED Lighting

Home LED Lighting

2. Heating:

There are many different eco-home heating systems available out there but the best part is they will over time save money on your energy bills, (and who doesn’t like saving money?)

3. Paint:

Milk paint is safe not only for people, but also for the environment. The ingredients in the base paint are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and are all completely biodegradable.


4. Recycling Materials:

Pallets have many uses besides shipping. A DIY mind can transform a pallet into home theatre couches, flooring, wine racks and so much more. This is just on example of recycling materials to decorate or renovate your home.

Pallet Walls

Pallet Walls

Home theatre seating made out of pallets

Home theatre seating made out of pallets

5. Cleaners:

Baking Soda

baking-sodaSprinkled on a damp sponge or cloth, baking soda can be used as a gentle non-abrasive cleanser for kitchen counter tops, sinks, bathtubs, ovens, and fiberglass. It will eliminate perspiration odors and even neutralize the smell of many chemicals if you add up to a cup per load to the laundry. It is a useful air freshener, and a fine carpet deodorizer.

White vinegar and lemon juice100_3493

White vinegar and lemon juice are acidic—they neutralize alkaline substances such as scale from hard water. Acids dissolve gummy buildup, eat away tarnish, and remove dirt from wood surfaces.